Ultimate garage sale guide

So, You’re Having a Yard Sale

Did you ever stop to think about what the total value of all of the unused items in your house might be? I think you’d be surprised!

The NPD, a market research firm, estimates that the average American homeowner has $7,000 worth of unused items in their homes. $7,000! Think about that. What would you do with an extra $7,000? What would you do if you suddenly had clutter-free closets, enough space in the garage that you could actually park your car, and a few extra thousand dollars? It would feel pretty good, right? We totally agree, which is why in this ultimate garage sale guide we are going to show you the strategies you need in order to host a successful yard sale. So you can get some of the cash hidden in unused stuff back into your pocket.

This guide is set up to help you plan and organize your sale, figure out pricing, host a yard sale and know what to do after the sale is over. You can choose to read the guide all the way through, or you can start and stop as you enter the different phases of the yard sale process.

Explore the chapters:

Chapter 1: How to plan and organize a garage sale

Hosting a yard sale can be an exciting time or a stressful time, depending on how you go about it. Like all important events, planning and organizing is a big part of setting up your yard sale for success. In this chapter, we will discuss how to plan and organize your yard sale. This includes everything from selecting the perfect date, and most importantly keeping everything organized until the sale day.

Chapter 2: Garage sale pricing

Next, we will cover garage sale pricing so you will be prepared to sell more stuff. There are many ways to go about pricing your yard sale items, and we’ll take a look at some of the tried and true ways to price items to sell quickly without losing your shirt.

Chapter 3: Holding the yard sale

In the next chapter we discuss the day you hold your garage sale to ensure that it goes off without a hitch!. What to expect along with displaying items for sale and working with customers. We will also cover what to do after the sale is over.

Chapter 4: Garage sale tips

Lastly, we’ve included some helpful garage sale tips such as how to have a yard sale when you live in an apartment and also unique ways to increase your yard sale profits.