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Garage sale tips
Yes, we have the ability to see into the future. The day hasn't come yet, but we predict that the world will soon be presented with the most comprehensive, useful, helpful, revised, updated, edited, and powerful list of garage sale tips this side of the Illinois River. And it's finally here!

Study Number One
Is your state the best for holding a garage sale? In this earth-shattering study we determine which state you HAVE to move to. If you are truly wise.

Study Number Two
There has been quite a lot of bickering over the centuries as to the proper nomenclature for the sale you're having. We use our authoritative powers and compelling research mechanisms to resolve the debate once and for all. For now.

Study Number Three
We just finished our annual survey of how much people make from holding a garage sale. The results were interesting. Of course. Based on the life-altering outcome of this study, we've decided to hold a yard sale every single day.

Announcing the top cities in the U.S. for garage sales!
These cities have the highest number of garage sales posted online. We've spent years studying the data, and it is completely conclusive. These cities win! If you're a garage sale fanatic and part of your moving decision is based on the number of accessible sales in your new area, you'll want to consult this list first and foremost.

Top Cities: